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Cattie & Gonzalez: Amplifying a Law Firm’s Value Through Video

Cattie & Gonzalez: Masters of Medicare and Medicaid Legalities

Understanding the complicated and specialized practice of Medicare and Medicaid secondary payer issues can be difficult. Cattie & Gonzalez is a Charlotte, NC law firm that specializes in litigating lien resolution, Medicaid eligibility, and other secondary payer issues. Because the practice’s focus is complicated and specialized, Cattie & Gonzalez needed help clearly explaining the what and why of their practice to prospective clients. 

Without proper knowledge of the complexities involved in Medicare and Medicaid, the laws governing Medicaid eligibility and payouts can be overwhelming. Prospective clients risk undervaluing the services that Cattie & Gonzalez provide, or thinking that they can do without the firm’s expertise.

In order to communicate the true value of Cattie & Gonzalez’s services, Kim Brattain Media created a powerful 3-minute video to grab viewers’ attention.

Simplifying and Clarifying Law Firms Through Video

The video starts with a statement from John Cattie emphasizing the danger of “not knowing what you don’t know” about the complexities of Medicare and Medicaid. Images of industrial smoke, contaminated water, protest marches, and biohazards visually establish the critical nature of the firm’s work. As Cattie speaks, the background noise is reduced to a single melody, demonstrating the calm professionalism that typifies the firm’s attorneys

Footage of other members of the firm provides a holistic sense of who the practice is. On-screen testimonials further support the firm’s position as thought leaders and legal industry experts. The video concludes by summarizing the emotional arc and leaving viewers with a clear understanding of Cattie & Gonzalez’s work.

The result is a video that establishes expertise and credibility for the firm among viewers. The complicated legalities of Medicare and Medicaid are distilled for easier understanding so prospective clients appreciate the value of Cattie & Gonzalez’s services. With a clearer value proposition, Cattie & Gonzalez have seen increased engagement and client lead generation.

To showcase what makes your firm unique, contact Kim Brattain Media today. Whether your practice specializes in family law, criminal defense, or secondary payer issues, we will capture what makes your practice indispensable. Our award-winning videos have transformed lead generation for dozens of clients, and we can’t wait for you to be next! 

Any project should be looked at from all angles rather than the one that comes to mind immediately. We believe in a departure from the ordinary or the expected.
Kim Brattain
Owner - Kim Brattain Media

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