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Beyond Blueprints: Architectural Video Production for Effective Marketing

Architecture’s Visibility Challenge

Architecture is a complex business. Most of us lack the visual sophistication of architects who routinely alter our skylines and spaces. Architects are both technical and creative, concrete and highly conceptual. These are what make it difficult for architectural firms to effectively communicate their unique value proposition to prospective clients

The technical nature of architecture can be difficult to translate into a compelling message. Clients are at risk of abandoning a company at the awareness stage if they don’t understand the value offer. A failure to cultivate a brand identity can be additional hurdles for firms. 

Finally, the architectural industry is highly competitive. This often results in prioritizing deliverables over marketing and lead generation efforts. 

Without a clear understanding of what sets an architecture firm apart, potential clients may overlook their services and choose a competitor, that is when architectural video production comes into play.

Telling Boomerang’s Story Through Architectural Video Production

Our client, the architecture firm Boomerang, faced these challenges. To help Boomerang, we set to work creating a brand video to effectively communicate their unique qualities.

We produced a video that showcased Boomerang’s collaborative, community-minded approach to design. The video highlights their commitment to diversity and female leadership, and their eco-conscious practices. Our video captured the unique aspects of Boomerang’s practice that differentiate it from competitors.

Through authentic testimonials and examples of their work, the video provided insight into Boomerang’s values, capabilities, and the energetic atmosphere.

We also included short clips of interviewees making jokes, asking the producer questions, and stretching. These short ad-libbed moments effectively convey the fun personality and environment of the office. 

The result was a Muse Award-winning video, titled “I am Gen3,” that successfully conveyed the firm’s dedication to improving lives through design.

If you’re ready to showcase your firm’s unique qualities and tell your story, partner with Kim Brattain Media today.

Any project should be looked at from all angles rather than the one that comes to mind immediately. We believe in a departure from the ordinary or the expected.
Kim Brattain
Owner - Kim Brattain Media

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