Bigger Company? Video is better!

Benefits of videos for corporate training

Bigger Company? Video is better!

If your company has more than 50 employees, video is the answer for all your corporate  training needs.

Remember the days of in-person corporate training?

In-person training was beneficial in several ways, offering employees the opportunity to (a) play Brick Breaker under the table, (b) practice sleeping with their eyes open, (c) compose elaborately annotated holiday shopping lists, (d) recall in detail the 1985 state football championship, aka “The Game We Would Have Won Had Jimmy DeLoach Not Fumbled on the Twenty Yard Line,” and (e) enjoy the ambiance of a hotel ballroom, complete with tepid coffee, chicken salad on doughy croissants, and delightfully festive plastic cups of canned fruit medley.

As beneficial as in-person training was for employees, however, it had significant downsides for employers, who had to:

  • prepare instructional materials and handouts
  • hire a trainer and secure and rent a venue for each training session
  • schedule and publicize each training session
  • pay the trainer, plus the cost of travel and expenses (venues, meals, materials, AV rentals)
  • pay these same costs every single time the same training session was delivered.

Today’s savvy employers know that video training is the most effective way to deliver
information. And did we mention the significantly upgraded ROI?

Why is video the best choice for companies with over 50 employees?

  • the instructional material is scripted once
  • all costs — for the trainer, venue, and video production — are one-time costs
  • the training can be shared as many times as needed, at no cost, via email or the company website.

There are even more advantages to Corporate training Videos!

Retention rates: Retention is much, much higher with video — on average, 85% higher.

  • Sight and Sound: Multi-step processes and technical information can be conveyed with both audio and graphics,
    allowing viewers to fully comprehend even the most complicated tasks.
  • Ease of access: Employees don’t have to interrupt their workflow to join an in-person training session.
    They can access the material anytime, anywhere, at no extra cost to you.
  • External factors: The trainer’s ability to deliver the material repeatedly, noise, temperature, competing priorities,
    and distractions no longer compromise an expensive training session.
  • Versatility: training videos can be expanded upon, updated, or edited down as needed.

At KB Media, we put video to work for you.

Whether you’re installing new software, imparting new skills, introducing new products, or onboarding new personnel,
we’ve got the expertise to help you get it done — effectively and affordably.

Get in touch, and learn how our team of experienced filmmakers, audio engineers, script writers, and editors
will create the videos for corporate training you need for your growing team.


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