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Going Viral: Boosting a College’s Online Engagement with Video

Inspiring Prospective Students With Compelling Stories

In the era of digital marketing and online engagement, educational institutions have increasingly turned to YouTube as a platform to connect with current and prospective students. The Belk College of Business wanted to highlight the many success stories of its alumni and created a campaign to drive this message.

Green and Gold Drive Business,” commissioned by the Belk College of Business, follows highly motivated alumni, celebrating their achievements. The Kim Brattain Media team filmed over a week throughout the Charlotte region. This series is currently the most watched produced series on the Belk College of Business YouTube Channel.

Strategic Video Content Drives Online Engagement

Kim Brattain Media leveraged the power of video storytelling to create emotional connections. We focused on showcasing the college’s values, community spirit, and academic excellence. These entrepreneurs are community staples and have a great on-camera presence. Each episode was carefully scripted, filmed, and edited for maximum engagement.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and a skilled production team, Kim Brattain Media ensured every video was visually appealing and professionally produced. Over the course of the campaign, Kim Brattain Media and the Belk College of Business implemented their strategy. UNC Charlotte consistently released new videos, with “Green and Gold Drive Business” as the centerpiece. These videos were shared on the college’s social media and YouTube channel. Viewer engagement, measured by likes, comments, and shares, increased substantially, fostering a vibrant online community around the college.

Kim Brattain Media’s long-time partnership with UNC Charlotte has taken us across the country, highlighting many incredible students and alumni who come to Charlotte. This case study demonstrates the power of strategic video content in enhancing an educational institution’s online visibility and audience engagement.

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