Making the Case for Law Firm Video Marketing

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A New Frontier for Law Practices

Previously, law firms relied on traditional, 2D marketing efforts to attract clients. For a long time, the legal industry viewed video marketing as an unnecessary and expensive medium. Law practices feared that video marketing would not effectively reach their target audience. 

Recently, however, an increasing number of legal professionals are finally embracing video marketing efforts. Law firm videos engage target audience better than, say, billboards, with dynamic and interactive content. 

An effective video marketing strategy helps lawyers establish a more personal and relatable connection with prospective clients. Their firms can more easily showcase their expertise and highlight their unique value proposition. 

Digital marketing videos have proven to be an effective tool for increasing brand awareness across industries. Your Kim Brattain Media marketing video will elevate the visibility of your practice, driving more high-quality leads and conversion rates.

The Unique Benefits of Video Marketing

Online video watching has increased by 249% since 2016. Global time spent on online video has gone from 3.5 billion minutes to over 12.2 billion minutes. Now is the perfect time to use video marketing as people worldwide are spending increasing amounts of time watching videos. 

Wistia conducted a study which found that people are more likely to share contact information or click on “Calls to Action” while watching videos. Sharing their information with you is the first step in gaining a new client. If you can keep them watching your video, you have a higher chance of generating a lead.

Using a professionally produced video ensures viewers will stay on your page to see how the narrative of your video unfolds. Holding audience members’ attention with an engaging visual story is key to a successful digital marketing strategy.

Once a marketing video is able to create an emotional connection with viewers, the likelihood of a conversion dramatically increases. Potential clients feel as if they already know the attorneys they’ll be working with after viewing them in a marketing video.

The firm establishes trust and credibility through video before a client makes initial contact. This allows attorneys and their staff to shift their energy to their actual services.

Rise Through the Ranks!

So much of your success in crafting a law firm marketing strategy depends on search engine results. Potential customers are much more likely to visit your website if you rank on the first few pages of their Google search results.

There are various ways to improve your ranking on a search results page, but using SEO is the most effective method. 

Including video content on a website improves a site’s SEO. Search engines often prioritize websites with diverse and engaging content — including pictures and videos.

People are more likely to share and link to videos that engage them, which can also provide assistance. Getting backlinks from other websites is a great way to gain authority and boost your search engine rankings. If a user engages with your marketing video, they will likely spend more time on your site. More time spent on your site and reducing the “bounce rate” will also improve your site’s search engine optimization.  

Why choose Kim Brattain Media for your video marketing needs

With a collective total of 40 years in video production, the award-winning team at Kim Brattain Media will help you reach your marketing goals. We believe in the power of visual storytelling and commit to producing the best in high-quality videos. Together, we will create a video showing your firm’s identity, strengths, and reasons clients should choose you. We will help you educate viewers about the process of becoming a client so they know what to expect. Additionally, we will work to incorporate testimonials and impact stories from previous clients to build credibility with viewers.

Your law firm’s most effective marketing strategy is to utilize outstanding marketing videos. You will generate more leads and secure more clients by holding viewers’ attention with your KBM marketing video. Clients will walk through your door already knowing and trusting your practice, freeing up your time to address their needs. 

We can’t wait to collaborate with you! Contact us today to schedule a discovery call, and, in the meantime, check out our previous work in the legal industry.

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