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Maximizing Impact: Product Introduction Video Success with Continental Tire

Communicating the Value of New Products or Services to Customers

Most companies can agree that introducing new products or services can overwhelm customers. Unless a new product or service is well-communicated, many clients will not take the time to learn about it, as they may see it as an unnecessary expense.

Clients are disadvantaged when they miss out on a new product or service. Sometimes, failing to adopt the latest commodities and service solutions can lead to dissatisfaction with their current adoption (think of an old computer incompatible with new software). Failing to communicate the benefit of a new offering hurts businesses in multiple ways, and negatively affects ROI. 

Our client, Continental Tire, understood the importance of effectively communicating their cutting-edge ContiConnect system. ContiConnect helps fleet managers monitor their vehicles’ tire performance. It offers real-time data for improved performance, cost savings, and safety. Continental Tire turned to Kim Brattain Media to help convince current customers of ContiConnect’s value.

Leveraging Product Introduction Video to Compel Potential Adopters

Kim Brattain Media crafted a two-and-a-half minute video to capture the value of ContiConnect. We enlisted the help of Herb Flowers, an advanced solutions field engineer, to serve as the video’s narrator.

Appearing in a high-visibility vest and construction hat, Flowers gives a comprehensive overview of the ContiConnect system. As he describes the advantages of and uses for the ContiConnect System, visuals onscreen show industry workers using the product. His role as an engineer for Continental Tire lends a level of authority and expertise to the video. By the end of the video, viewers are familiar with what ContiConnect is, how it works, and why it’s worth investing in

Are you contemplating how to best communicate the value of a new product or service? Let the award-winning team at Kim Brattain Media help! Working together, we’ll devise and execute a clear strategy to reach potential adopters through a compelling video strategy.

Let Kim Brattain Media take your business to new heights! Book your discovery call today. 

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