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Empathy in Action: The Power of Storytelling in Nonprofit Videos

The Relatives, Charlotte's Haven for At-Risk Youth

The Relatives is a Charlotte, NC nonprofit that serves at-risk children and young adults. The organization aims to act as a loving, supportive, and accepting “relative” to those in need. The Relatives offered a wide variety of services tailored to each individual, including a youth crisis center, housing programs, case management, and more. 

The Relatives relies heavily on financial support and volunteering from its local community. However, it was struggling to effectively communicate its core mission to the public. 

Transforming The Mission Into Captivating Nonprofit Videos

Without a clear and compelling brand message, The Relatives faced challenges in raising awareness about the critical work they do for at-risk children and young adults. This lack of visibility limited their ability to secure the necessary support — both financial and volunteer-based — to make a lasting impact in the lives of those they serve.

Kim Brattain Media stepped in to address this issue by creating a powerful brand video for The Relatives. The video utilized captivating personal stories, impactful music, heartfelt testimonials, and inspiring impact stories to convey the organization’s mission. The video effectively showcases the positive change they bring to the community and connects emotionally with viewers.

Stories of Resilience and Hope

The video begins with the story of Phrie, a young woman who came to The Relatives after experiencing intimate partner violence. Phrie tells a heart-wrenching story of growing up effectively homeless and trying to do her best for her young daughter. Viewers follow Phrie’s story and listen to The Relatives staff about her resilience.

Another “Relatives” client, Wyatt, shares the difficulty he faced in an adoptive family and how The Relatives helped him avoid living in men’s shelters. “It hurts almost physically when you feel abandoned,” Wyatt explains. We then learn that Wyatt was able to pass his GED and driver’s test with the help of staff and volunteers at The Relatives. 

“There are people out there — really, really good and dedicated people — who will help you if you are in a crisis,” explains Leigh, a former client of The Relatives. Leigh, who is a sexual abuse survivor, explains that The Relatives is a necessary resource for youth in Charlotte, and shares how the organization helped her when she needed it most.

The video incorporates moving music and visuals that create an immersive experience for viewers. By the video’s final shot, viewers feel as though they personally know Phrie, Wyatt, and Leigh, and feel invested in their success. 

A Video That Won Hearts (And Awards!)

The video not only resonates with audiences but also earned four prestigious Telly awards for excellence. The success of the video brought immense satisfaction to the organization, as it effectively communicated its core mission and generated increased support and resources for its cause.

Are you a nonprofit organization looking to drive engagement and make a lasting impact? Kim Brattain Media offers the highest quality of brand videos for nonprofits. With our collective 40 years of video experience, we will create an unforgettable video to engage viewers and call them to action.

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