Back to Basics: What You Can Do to Create A Great Video Experience

Video Production Basics Experts Guide

Creating great video content is an impactful, cost-effective way to communicate your story, energize your supporters, and increase awareness of your mission.
Every film — whether it’s a 3-minute film for your website, a training film for your employees, a brief snippet for social media, a documentary, or a television advertisement — needs to convey a complete narrative, quickly and succinctly. Creating that narrative involves expertly combining audio and visual for maximum impact. That’s where KBMedia comes in, with our team of experienced, professional videographers, scriptwriters, audio engineers, and producers.
But before we begin, there are things you can do to ensure that your project comes together in the most efficient way. Our recommendation?

Begin with the video production basics.

All videos, just like any good piece of journalism, need to contain the Who, What, When, Where, and Why. These questions are the keystones of your story, and answering them is the very best thing you can do to prepare.

  • Who: Who are you/your organization? Who should be included in the video and why? [Leadership only? The people who benefit from your efforts? Longtime supporters?] Can you provide any still photos (historical photos, for instance, of your organization, its leaders, its location) that will contribute to the story arc?
  • What: What fact/story/event are you relaying in this video? Are you capturing a one-time or repeating event? Recognizing a leader or milestone achievement? Advertising a new product? Appealing to supporters? Celebrating a success?
  • When: In addition to figuring out the best possible date of your shoot based on schedules and availability, where are we in the timeline of your organization’s development and your mission’s fulfillment? Is there a seasonal component to your work? An event or anniversary that is critical?
  • Where:  What are the ideal optics for the video? Is there a location or setting that best captures the spirit of your organization?
  • Why: Why does what you do matter? This is the essence of your story, the reason you get out of bed in the morning, and the Call to Action for your supporters. Every frame needs to convey the Why and encourage others to support your efforts.

Once these questions have been answered, we’ll work with you to create a hook — that exciting piece of audio and visual that will grab viewers’ attention and hold it until the end. We’ll develop talking points or a script that pairs audio and visual perfectly, and work with you to polish your on-screen presence and appearance.
Then we’ll edit your piece to perfection, layering in the music, graphics, and text that create a compelling sensory experience, and finally, we’ll format your video for distribution and sharing on multiple channels.

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