The Impact of Student Recruitment Videos

Recruitment Videos for Independent & Postsecondary Schools

How does your school stand out among so many independent schools and postsecondary institutions? Yesteryear’s flyers, brochures, and mailers are no longer sufficient these days. To capture the attention of prospective students today, schools need to rely on a video marketing strategy.

Recruitment Videos for Independent & Postsecondary Schools

Videos are unique in their ability to tell a compelling and full story. They allow for a more engaging and interactive experience. This makes it easier for schools to communicate their institution’s benefits and unique features.

Showcasing the school’s campus and facilities gives students a vision of their life on campus. Scenes of teachers teaching and a sports team celebrating a victory make viewers feel like they’re already part of that setting.

Recruitment videos can also convey emotions and strengthen connections with prospective students and parents. Making viewers feel connected can make students more interested in the school and encourage them to apply.

Additionally, including video testimonials from current students and alumni can build trust and credibility among prospective students. Sharing real student experiences boosts confidence in future students (and parents) about investing time and money in the institution.

Creating Videos for Gen Z

Videos are uniquely suited to appeal to a “Generation Z” audience. Members of Gen Z spend more than an hour each day on social media. Much of that time is spent consuming video content.

To engage with Gen Z, videos should aim to “stop the scroll,” or prevent a user from scrolling past to other content. To make Gen Z users stop and watch a video completely, it must be visually attractive, immersive, and interesting.

At Kim Brattain Media, we are proud to optimize videos for various distribution channels, including social media. Working collaboratively, we will determine the best strategy to reach both target audiences most effectively.

Sharing video content on various platforms will allow your institution to reach a wider audience and increase brand visibility. As a result, you’ll see your enrollment numbers skyrocket!

Video for School Development Strategy

Student recruitment isn’t the only use for professional videos in education. Videos also promote academic programs, showcase faculty research, and help with development efforts.

Videos have been influential in fundraising for decades, and school campaigns are no exception. Kim Brattain Media can create an eye-catching and compelling video for your school to use at events or to promote fundraising efforts.

What’s in your school’s strategic plan? If enrollment and fundraising are a part of your future, Kim Brattain Media can help you get there. Our award-winning videos are written, filmed, and produced by a team with a collective 40 years of experience. Become our next success story by booking a discovery call today!

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