Video and Film Production Pricing: The Basics

Video and Film Production Pricing

If you’ve decided to make video and film part of your 2022 marketing plan, congratulations!

You’re already ahead of the game because you realize that video and film are the most effective, cost-efficient ways to drive sales, traffic, and brand and name recognition. Simply put, video lets you tell your story — the WHY of what you do — in a way that engages viewers and builds community around your efforts.

(Still not convinced? Here’s some helpful information about the power of video: Video & You in 2022 post)

Now that you’ve realized how impactful video can be, you need to know how to budget for it. There are several factors that go into film and video production pricing.

Some of these factors are:

  1. Locations and permits
  2. Length of shoot
  3. Personnel needed for the shoot
  4. Type and amount of editing needed

Each of these factors affects the cost of production — but each factor also depends on the specifics of your video. That means that just as your video will be tailored to your specific needs, so will the cost of producing your video or film!

At KBM, we have a team of in-house experts, from cinematographers to producers, audio engineers to scriptwriters. We understand the realities of running a business or nonprofit, which is why we strive to be a lean organization that delivers high-quality videos. Our goal is to be competitive with our pricing without ever skimping on quality — and we’ve got lots of satisfied customers (and awards!) to prove that we do just that.

So let’s get started!

  1. Visit our website to learn more about our team and see examples of our work.
  2. Then use this form to tell us about your project.
  3. We’ll schedule a free, no obligation conversation.

Find out today what KBM can do for you!

At Kim Brattain Media, we put video to work for you

Whether you’re installing new software, imparting new skills, introducing new products, or onboarding new personnel, we’ve got the expertise to help you get it done — effectively and affordably.

Get in touch, and learn how our team of experienced filmmakers, audio engineers, script writers, and editors will create the videos for corporate training you need for your growing team.

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