Teen Health Connection

Teen Health Connection - First Client of KB Media

Teen Health Connection is made up of people who have huge hearts for teenagers and work relentlessly to promote Charlotte’s next generation’s health and well-being through medical and mental health services.

Kim Brattain Media has been walking alongside Teen Health Connection, as one of our very first client since 2008, in finding fun ways to tell their great story.

No Mission Is Impossible!

Throughout the years, we’ve continued to bounce ideas off each other and create ground-breaking videos that employ multiple senses to inspire viewers to build compassion for others.

Check out this explanation video turned into a Mission Impossible Film Trailer and their Stand Up and Get Down for teens event.

The assistance and empowerment of Teen Health Connection for every Charlotte teen’s brighter future is genuinely amazing. “I love it when something works exceptionally well, and this is one such organization. They’re nimble and responsive, whether in assisting with mental health needs, eating disorders, or a simple vaccination. Teen Health Connection is always serving Charlotte teens in new and important ways.” says Kim Brattain.

Kim Brattain Media are happy to be part of a difficult but thrilling production for Teen Health Connection’s recent 30th anniversary, squeezing its extensive history into only a few minutes, when Bill Clinton recognized it as a national example of forward thinking and responsiveness to teen issues.


Sharing the hard work and fun that goes into making it through our behind-the-scenes shots!

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