Why Training Videos Outperform Other Learning Mediums

Why Choose Video for Corporate Training?

Corporate training is a powerful tool in today’s business landscape. Training is important for employers to improve employee skills and keep them updated on industry trends. It is crucial for success. Corporate training improves employee productivity, performance, work culture, and morale.

But what is the most effective way to train?

Any child of the “Schoolhouse Rock” era will tell you: video learning has the unique power to engage learners and hold their attention. Employee training videos can incorporate storytelling, demonstrations, and interactive elements. These work to make the learning process more memorable, which, in turn, enhances content retention.

Another benefit of video is its ease of access. Employers can post videos on a company’s intranet so that employees may watch at their own pace and convenience.

Effective training videos allow for consistent and standardized delivery of training content to all employees. This is important so that everyone receives the same message in the same way. Learners can review content at their own pace and review concepts as needed because they can pause, rewind, or replay videos.

Additionally, videos with closed captioning allow differently-abled workers inclusive access to the presented content.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Learning

While it’s true that different people have different learning styles, video can uniquely engage with them all.

  • Visual learners will enjoy seeing information presented in the video’s visual elements, such as images, graphs, or actual film footage.
  • Auditory learners will appreciate being able to hear narration and background music.
  • Kinesthetic learners can be engaged by adding interactive elements like games or quizzes to videos or eLearning platforms.

Using storytelling and real-life scenarios in videos helps employees connect with and understand the content more easily. It allows them to visualize situations that require knowledge of the presented information. We know from education theory that drawing connections between instructional content and real-world applications helps learners retain learned information.

The Ideal Learning Environment

How much do you remember from your 8:00 a.m. college seminar on macroeconomics? If you’re like us, the answer is probably: not much. Research suggests that students learn best when they have control over their learning environment, including factors like time, location, and distractions.

Providing workers with videos they can watch on their own terms helps them create an ideal learning environment. Doing so will also convey respect for their workday and the responsibilities that are important to each individual. Requiring attendance at an in-person training, on the other hand, can disrupt employees’ momentum and discourage their enthusiasm. Asynchronous video trainings increase learner buy-in and engagement.

Why Choose Kim Brattain Media for Training Videos

At Kim Brattain Media, we believe that video is the best medium for corporate training. Our award-winning team of video production staff will work with your instructional designers to create engaging videos for your training needs.

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