Videography vs Video Production: Let’s Get Technical

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Videography and Video Production, What is the Difference?

Both involve cameras, but how do they differ? While anyone with a camera might identify as a videographer, the outcome varies greatly in terms of professionalism and impact. Videography often captures events in their raw form. On the other hand, video production is a more collaborative and refined process. It involves a team of experts working in harmony to produce a final piece that has the power to influence, persuade, boost sales, and educate.

What is Videography?

Just because someone creates a video does not mean anyone is going to watch it.  In our business, we look at YouTube and Vimeo videos all the time that people quit watching after the first five seconds.  So yes, it’s a video… but there’s no one willing to stand the punishment of being forced to sit through it.

What is Video Production?

Video production, on the other hand, involves a team of professionals.  You start with a producer and writer who talk with clients about where their video will be used.  This will determine the length, style, and budget.  You’ll talk with your experts about what you want viewers to remember when the film is through.  Before your filming starts, you and your production team will have a script and a storyboard to guide the camera crew in the field.  (Refer to the blog “3 Phases of Video Production” for more detail.)  After filming, editing will piece together your video with music and an interview or narration track.  Yes, video production involves videography, but there is much more to it than that.

Do I Need a Videographer or a Video Production Company?

Deciding between a videographer or a video production company depends largely on your project’s specifics and intended result. A skilled videographer could suffice if your project primarily focuses on capturing visuals without a complex narrative. However, a full-service video production company may offer more comprehensive solutions for more intricate storytelling, professional editing, and post-production needs. Tailoring your choice to your project’s demands can ensure you achieve your desired outcome efficiently and effectively.

We offer more than simple videography services at Kim Brattain Media (Kim Brattain Media), Charlotte’s go-to professional video production company.  Yes, we have videographers… but also writers, producers, directors, and editors.  And make-up artists, wardrobe consultants, and executive producers too.  Don’t need all that?  No worries, we tailor all our films to our individual client’s needs and budgets.  It is never one size fits all.  If you want to talk about film to persuade, train, recruit, you name it..  give us a call. Our team won 8 national Telly awards this year because we are driven to make every project that comes our way the best it can be.   We’d love to talk with you about yours!

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