Why Video is the Best Marketing for Architecture Firms

Why Video is the Best Marketing for Architecture Firms

The importance of visual communication for architects:

One thing we’ve learned from working with architecture firms: architects think differently. Architects have a strong ability to think and visualize in three dimensions. They are skilled in conceptualizing and spatially organizing designs in their mind! Additionally, architects often use visual thinking to communicate their ideas and concepts to others.

These are some seriously impressive skills! 

However, architects sometimes struggle with the business side of things. Because architects are so conceptual, they may be challenged with effectively communicating the value of their architectural services to potential clients. Architects’ visual thinking skills may also limit their ability to develop effective marketing messages or target their ideal client base. 

That’s where the award-winning production team here at Kim Brattain Media steps in to help. With our collective 40 years of experience in corporate video production, we have what it takes to effectively market your architecture firm and attract prospective clients from your target audience.

Why is video marketing the best choice for architectural firms?

Video marketing is uniquely positioned to benefit architectural firms. Unlike print media, video marketing allows architects to showcase their portfolio and to highlight their unique design style with full context. 

Videos assist prospective clients in comprehending the firm’s vision and concept. They enable clients to view things from an architect’s perspective, even if they have difficulty with visual thinking. Additionally, video shows how the firm’s creative process works and introduces the architects and designers on the team.

Video marketing in architecture can show the firm’s services like planning, design, and sustainable building. It effectively displays their complete offerings.

Telling the Story of Architecture Through Video

At KBM, we use visual storytelling to show the architectural process, making it easier for clients to understand and visualize.

To make our videos engaging, we can use 3D images, animations, or virtual reality to show realistic architectural designs.

We can communicate with architects or project managers to simplify and make the technical aspects of the process more accessible to viewers. This aspect of a video campaign can serve to increase a firm’s authority score and rank higher in search engine results.

We can also use video testimonials of past projects to build trust with potential clients. These testimonials will also serve as evidence of the success of our architectural process.

The Effectiveness of Client Testimonials

The addition of testimonials from satisfied clients provides real-life experiences and examples of how the product or service has benefited them, which can influence potential customers.

Hearing from past clients can ease potential customers’ worries by showing them the positive outcomes others have experienced.

Finally, video testimonials create emotional connection with viewers, as they relate to experiences and stories shared by real customers. Creating an emotional connection with viewers is one of the most effective ways marketers reach (and convert) prospective clients.

The Wide Reach and Impact of Video Marketing

It used to be that the only way to distribute a marketing video was through expensive commercial advertisements on television. Fortunately, times have changed! We can now assist clients in choosing the best way to reach a large audience and generate high-quality leads. This may include distribution channels such as social media platforms, online advertising, or even email marketing.
We will optimize your video or videos for whatever platform you choose to utilize so viewers have the best experience.

Whether you’re an established name or a new firm, we’re ready to help you take your business to new heights. Look at our work with other architects and learn more about us on our website. Let’s plan your architectural marketing video today!

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