Fundraising Videos Increasing Donors through Compelling Storytelling

When it comes to reaching donors — and getting donors to reach for their wallets — video is the way to go. Whether you’re a start-up organization or an established brand, fundraising videos are the most effective way to create connections and garner support.

Why Is Video So Effective?

  1. Video allows you to tell your story quickly.

That old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words is still true. A single image is far more effective than a three-hundred word description, particularly for busy donors!

  1. Video is compelling.

Donors want to feel connected. Fundraising videos create emotional connections by putting faces to names, voices to thoughts, and introducing the real people behind the cause.

  1. Videos are easily shared.

Your goal is to reach as many potential donors as possible, and there’s no better way to do that than a video that can be shared across several platforms.

Who Should Use Fundraising Videos?

In short, everyone.

Whether you are introducing a brand, creating awareness around an existing or new need, or promoting a specific event, video is the most effective messenger with the greatest return on investment and flexibility of use.

A 2-minute video, for instance, can be uploaded to YouTube and linked to in an email blast and used in the About section of your website. That same video can be edited down to 1 minute and featured on your organization’s Facebook page. A 45 second snippet will be perfect for Twitter, and a 30-second spot will work perfectly for Instagram.

That’s 1 video with 6 uses — and we’re just getting started! Evergreen content can be used across several formats for years.


What Should I Include in My Fundraising Video?

The basic format is simple. Consider your work from your donor’s point of view:

What’s the problem?

What need does your organization address?

What’s the solution?

What does your organization do to address that problem?

What is the donor’s stake in that problem?

Why should I donor care about the problem?

What is the donor’s impact?

Where will my money go? What difference can my dollars make?

Fundraising Video Examples

Take a look at some examples of fundraising films from Kim Brattain Media and see how those questions are answered. Then let us know what KBM can do for you!

Levine’s Children Hospital

UNC Charlotte, Belk College of Business


For more information about Kim Brattain Media, click here.

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