20 Creatives, 8 Awards and 14 Great Years of Collaboration

14 great years experience of collaboration - KB Media

Kim Brattain Media is like the little production company that could. The team of creatives out of Charlotte was awarded eight Telly awards – 2 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze award. Those two Golden awards put our work at the top 3.5% of production across the nation. And while we’re proud, we have to tip our hat to the two organizations our videos highlighted.

Every day 873,000 people can potentially cross paths in Charlotte, but all it takes is one conversation to start something amazing. Those conversations become more and more meaningful as time goes by. Over the years, Sodoma Law and The Relatives have become some of Kim Brattain Media’s closest relationships.

Frankly, the resulting trust and transparency allowed us to dive into the work and share their stories on a level rarely seen in video. That’s why we won the Tellys. We allow stories to unfold at a different level.

Some background: while Sodoma Law works to help families navigate the challenges of divorce and The Relatives provide housing, education, employment counseling and plenty of other resources to Charlotte youth in crisis. Our other Telly award winning film this year was an identity film for The Nest, a school for refugee children. All these agencies have a tremendous positive impact on the greater Charlotte community.

As a production company, our joy comes when we help clients fulfill their mission; whether that’s increasing company awareness or successfully launching new initiatives. More than half of our clients are non-profit organizations. Their success is also our success.

Video production continues to be the single most effective way to get a message across, but it has to be done right. Without a good story and the expertise of a top-notch production staff, a video can get lost in the hustle of the internet. Our team works to never lose sight of our client’s story, and the best way to tell it with video or film.

As always, we want to thank those who have worked with us, anyone who has supported us and those who sent any encouragement our way. Continue to look out for future projects and feel free to contact us if you have a vision that you want to see come to life.

We create documentaries, TV series, commercials, training videos, and films of all kinds. Find out more about the team and see examples of their work at Kim Brattain Media.

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